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The 1940s were a time of transition, both for this country as well as the sport of baseball. America was plunged into World War II, and with the enlistment of many "able-bodied men", the very face of baseball changed.

Every man that enlisted in the service was given the standard set of "Government Issue" (G.I.) equipment: uniform, helmet, socks, T-shirts, boots.... For a time back in the 1940s, the Military also issues baseball equipment to the troops! This was endorsed by the President, who said that baseball should continue, even during time of war, to keep this Country together.
These military gloves are alway very high quality, and oftentimes even carry endorsements. They are most often stampe with lettering to indicate that they are "G.I.". Examples of these stampings:
  • U. S. ARMY
  • U. S. N. (Navy)
  • U. S. A. (US Army, since all gloves in the states were Made in USA!)
  • U.N. (likely the Navy)
  • U.A. (likely the Army)
  • USMC
  • and so on...

If you are a collector of Militariana, you might consider one of these to complete your collection. Or, if you know someone who served this great Country in the Armed Forces, wouldn't this be a fabulous sentimental gift?

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Beauty Nokona G1
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Nokona G1 "U. S." Military issue vintage baseball glove. Nokona gloves have always been of high quality, with thick leather, rolled leather binding, heavy duty sewing. It's no wonder that they were selected for active duty with our armed forces.
Price: $SOLD

Nice Goldsmith DW Elmer Riddle!
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Wilson 615 Professional Model "U.S. ARMY SPECIAL SERVICES" vintage baseball glove - Along side the Goldsmith DW Elmer Riddle, this is another of the classic wartime gloves. This one's feels great on the hand!
Price: $SOLD



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Rawlings MM Martin Marion vintage baseball glove. Not to be outdone, Rawlings had a number of entries in the Wartime glove department. This one is a "U.S.N." Navy glove, and it is outstanding. One of the nicest that I have.
Price: TBD
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Goldsmith DW Elmer Riddle vintage baseball glove - this is THE classic wartime glove. More of these were issued than all other models combined. Finding them in great condition is not that common. Check this one out!
Price: TBD
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