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What's New

I'm excited to announce the re-launch of - your place to FIND what you are looking for.

Here is your quick-reference page to see "What's New" on the site, without having to hunt all over.

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Here's what's new (2/23/13):
  • Added a new Links page with to other great glove collecting sites.
  • Changed status of some gloves to "sold" (thank you!)
  • MORE UPDATES coming!  Just got a fresh stock of gloves to list. 


What would YOU like to see? Visit the Contact page, and send me your suggestions.


Bill Doak Gloves
1910s-1930s gloves
1940s gloves
Wartime/Military Issue gloves
1950s gloves
1960s-1980s gloves
1990s and newer gloves
Restored gloves
Game used gloves
What's New

"It's easy to order gloves from you, Bruce. I always know what I'm getting - and that's the best stuff."

- Roger W.

"I just picked up the glove from the post office and it looks amazing! Again, thank you so much!"
-Magen R.

"I wanted to let you know that I received my 2-patch's perfect!"

- Nick B.